Chiara Galliano is a visual artist who has been working in the image field for over 15 years. The areas in which she has been able to specialize are different, she loves to experiment, learn new techniques and do research. 

In these years as a professional photographer she has been mainly dedicated to fashion and advertising photography, still-life and portrait. On an artistic level, however, she uses the camera as a tool to express herself and explore, investigate, tell aspects of our contemporary world, social issues or related to particular diseases. She loves to write and listen to stories. 

Born in Alessandria, she moved to Milan in 2001 where she graduated in Public Relations and Advertising at the IULM University presenting a thesis in comparative literature and began her working career in Milanese high fashion, first in the organization of events, then in the press office of a prestigious international company.
Her passion for photography was born during the university period, from the need to express her own vision of the world using the camera as an instrument. Her first self-taught exhibition in Milan in 2008 collects a series of images of architecture and street photography captured in the everyday life of the places she visited in those years in Italy and Europe.
Other photographic projects were born in that period, such as “Per mano, nel vuoto” (“By hand, in the void”), realized in July 2010, which deals with the theme of Alzheimer’s with the intent to raise awareness, a work that will be exhibited a few months later in Italy and abroad and that today is part of a larger project, to which it has given its name, aimed at helping people with Alzheimer’s and dementia (for more information

The path of self-taught photographer ends when in 2010 she was admitted to the CFP Bauer in Milan where she graduated in Analog and Digital Photography.
Photography becomes her primary occupation, both in artistic and professional fields. She founded her own photographic studio, Aforisma, of which she remained the owner for ten years, and began her career as a professional photographer working with various companies in the realization of creative projects of various kinds, from reportage of events and backstage, to stage photography in theaters, to the realization of still-life, up to advertising and corporate communications. The portrait is one of her specializations, both in the corporate sector and in fashion and beauty.

During her career she has participated in several art exhibitions, the main ones include:
ArtVerona 2010, Biennale di VideoFotografia Contemporanea di Alessandria 2011, Bassano Fotografia 2011, Les Rencontres d’Arles 2012, Bassano Fotografia 2013, Affordable Art Fair 2014, Bassano Fotografia 2015, Bianco Festival 2017.
In 2019 we also remember a series of solo exhibitions about which newspapers and media have spoken that specifically address some main issues: Alzheimer’s and senile dementia [with the project “Per mano nel vuoto”]; prevention and the fight against breast cancer [with two different projects: “Guerriere in scena” for the LILT Association of Vercelli and “Calendario 2020 D Maiuscola” for the oncology department of Casale Monferrato]; finally, our contemporaneity in its complexity and precariousness [with the work “ACME”].

Since 2011 she has been collaborating artistically with the Milanese painter Osvaldo Menegazzi – Il Meneghello – for whom she edited in 2012 her first deck of Photo Tarot “22 Conchiglie in 22 Arcani” and in 2014 a second deck of Photo Tarot “22 Fotografi in 22 Arcani” for which she also had the artistic direction. Both works are in a limited edition. 

In 2014 she was selected as the winner for the Young Talents section of Affordable Art Fair for one of her works, the triptych entitled “Acme”, exhibited at the exhibition venue at Superstudio in Via Tortona – Milan. “Acme”, in the same year, is also selected as a finalist work for the Art Award – Cairo Editore.

Recently she has also become passionate about the world of make-up in photography and film for special effects, learning the techniques and earning her Make-up artist diploma in May 2018.
Among her passions also writing, she has written several articles about photography, travel and culture for local and national newspapers. She has created her own photography course dedicated to newcomers and those who wish to approach the world of photography to know its history, composition techniques and begin to train their creativity and their eye during the development of some targeted exercises.

Her latest art project “Inside Beauty” (2020) deals with the theme of beauty through the use of color and abstract shapes suggested by natural elements, whose key is the emotional involvement that arouses in the viewer when looking at the images.

She loves to work in collaboration with other artists working in different fields than hers, currently her commitment is directed mainly to the development and dissemination of her artistic projects, with the intent to create solid and ongoing collaborations with art galleries in order to continue her artistic research.

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